Therapeutic photoshoot

On film only. No editing. I work only with women. I have no crew to allow more privacy. It’s about trust, presence, allowance and letting go. The location, clothes and props are not that important – they are facilitators and not the main players. The heroine is you and your goal.


Phototherapy is a psychological consultation with the use of photos. Its objective is to explore feelings, discuss the experience and insights from this journey of self discovery through photos. If you do a photoshoot with me phototherapy is a part of the experience and included in the price. Read phototherapy case study.

Photo project “Fullness”

It’s a therapeutic photo project for women to represent visually thoughts about their body. Visualize healthy and toxic patterns. Later this could be worked through in therapy with a professional guidance to bring peace and greater acceptance of oneself.

Individual psychotherapy

I’m a psychology student and as part of education I take clients into my private practice. If I see the request client comes with requires more experience, I gladly refer them to another professional. Book a consultation (ENG) / Запись на консультацию (UKR/RUS)

Crisis consultation for Ukrainian refugees

This is a scheduled 1h online consultation or series of supportive meetings, up to 5. Please schedule an appointment here: Запис на консультацію (UKR/RUS). Free of charge.

Get in touch

Send me a DM or call at +370 64893853

La Loba Hub

Community for the authentic

We organize women-only gatherings and retreats focused on earthing, womanhood and self-discovery in a caring environment.

Activities: yoga, personal photoshoot, group therapy activities, ecstatic dance, nature walks and more.

Location: Lithuania, Turkey, Italy, Georgia, India.

Group size: 10

Language: English, Ukrainian, Russian