Photography + Psychology

“People who are able to regard their photos as starting points rather than end products, and who can use them to initiate questions and explore feelings, can learn a great deal about themselves in the process,” Judy Weiser, psychologist.

My 3-step process

1. Define your goal

This is a meeting where I help you formulate your personal goal which we will explore and experience with the help of photos

2. Therapeutic photoshoot

3. Phototherapy

It’s about trust, presence, allowance and letting go. The location, clothes and props are not that important – they are facilitators and not the main players. The heroine is you and your goal

Phototherapy is a psychological consultation with the use of photos. Its objective is to explore feelings, discuss the experience and insights from this journey of self discovery through photos

Photos with meaning. No editing. On film.

Hi, I’m Rita Pakhlova

Photography for me is a combination of several interests: psychology, search for deeper meaning and the visual artist in me.

Knowledge not lived through is just a rumor

My photo session is a little life we live together. It is time and space to express unfamiliar, unaccepted or oppressed parts of yourself. It is freedom to explore perceptions, belief systems and different dimensions of yourself.


Do you work with a stylist or make up artist?

No. My photoshoots are quite intimate and done one on one. Almost all women I shoot want natural “as I am”, “real me” photos. That’s why makeup is either minimal or not at all.Clothes and props are chosen mostly for their meaning.

What’s the difference between phototherapy and photoshoot?

Phototherapy is a psychological consultation with the use of photos. Its objective is to explore before and after feelings, how this experience was helpful, and to create a few “clue photos” that will serve as anchors of your personal discoveries and realizations.

What are the payment conditions?

50% is paid in advance. Bank transfer or cash. Rent of the studio is paid separately by the client.

How long is the phototherapy session?

It’s a one hour long online session. Please take care of preparing a private, quiet place for yourself. And ensure that you’re uninterrupted for the whole duration.

When will the photos be ready?

Within a week. Photos are suitable for everything, social media, website and print. Standard resolution 2075 x 3130 JPEG.

What if I just want pretty photos?

I’m prone to asking difficult questions and like to work with women who are willing to go deeper and explore themselves with photography as a tool. It can get emotional and difficult at times, but it’s a rewarding process. I discovered that beautiful photos tend to come as a side affect 🙂 If it’s not for you right now, it’s okey.

What happens if I have to cancel the photoshoot?

If for whatever reason you cancel the photoshoot, you still have 3 months to reschedule it. After that time the 50% deposit is non-refundable.


Before each photoshoot there is an online meeting where we get to know each other and get comfortable, clarify goals and expectations.



Pre-shooting meeting

Personalized photoshoot experience

2-hour photo session

Full set of unedited film photos (40-60 pictures)

10 printed photos (15×10 cm)

Phototherapy session (1h)

1 big printed photo (30×40 cm)

Studio rent

*Booking fee is 50% from the price and acts as a non-refundable deposit to keep your space in the calendar. The rest of the amount can be paid on the day of the photoshoot.

**In “Personal” package the studio is booked separately and not included in the photoshoot price.



Pre-shooting meeting

Personalized photoshoot experience

2-hour photo session

Full set of unedited film photos (40-60 pictures)

5 printed photos (15×10 cm)

"Rita wisely, acceptedly, like a loving parent and an artist-observer, captures everything on her magic films and then conducts a therapeutic analysis of the photo session with you, which is also very interesting! 1000% level of delicacy and empathy."

- Arina Kukh

"This is a declaration of love! I love this photoshoot! I am delighted with the photographer 😍! During the two day photo session, we had a complete dissolution in the process💫. Trust between two people who accept each other is priceless!!!"

- Tiana Kovaleva

"This is the case when you have only one MOMENT, one shot, one move, one pose and the decision to BE YOURSELF. There are no other options."

- Julia Green

"Hurrying today with the children, I could not tell you how fascinated I am! The morning route passed through an alley with densely flowering chestnut trees. The trees greeted me so solemnly, just like a queen! I’m yet to know myself in this role." 😌

- Yulia Boychenko

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My specialization:

Boudoir and portrait photography. On film. No editing.


Vilnius & Kaunas, Lithuania | Bogota, Colombia | Hyderabad & Bangalore, India

I work with common requests as:

Self acceptance and esteem, self discovery, exploration of femininity and sexuality