Photography in R&R program

Tell women you appreciate them just the way they are

By including my services you:

Value women in the workplace

Enhance your brand image

Promote mental health & self care

Demonstrate a genuine commitment to honoring the contributions of women in the workplace. Employees appreciate rewards that value their unique experiences and perspectives. My unique services go far beyond a generic Amazon gift card

Provide a valuable opportunity for your hardworking women professionals to promote a healthy work-life balance, nurture a supportive work environment, prioritize their self-care and individual needs outside of their roles as managers, mothers, wives, etc

This thoughtful gesture not only demonstrates you support a small business owner but also showcases your organization's commitment to invest, value, and nurture the women who contribute to the success of your business

Photo therapy

Photos with meaning. No editing. On film.

  • €180/$200 per person: includes all the necessary materials, studio rent and refreshments during the photoshoot

  • Personalized gift certificate

  • 3 hour photo therapy: Goal setting meeting - 1h; Therapeutic photoshoot on analogue camera - 1h; Discussion of the experience where the client gets meaningful insights - 1h

  • A full set of unedited photos, 25-60 photos (digital files)

  • 10 printed photos (10x15 cm)

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What the employee gets:


What I do:

Boudoir and portrait photography. On film. No editing. Women only.

I work with:

Sexuality, aging, trauma, self acceptance, self esteem, intimacy and closeness, body image, trust, identity, etc.


Vilnius & Kaunas, Lithuania | Bogota, Colombia | Hyderabad & Bangalore, India | LA, United States | Kyiv, Ukraine


Hello! Let's get to know each other!

My name is Rita Pakhlova. I've started my psychotherapy career in 2021, actively practicing since 2023. I have a diploma of psychologist-consultant and pursue specialization in existential psychotherapy in Lithuania.

I am a professional analogue photographer with over 4 years of experience in the industry. I specialize in individual therapeutic photo sessions, boudoir photography and portraits. I work exclusively with women and their psychological strives and struggles. I've developed my own approach in phototherapy to work with trauma, self-esteem among others.

Freedom. Meaning. Community - these umbrella-values help me to make sense of the world and get aligned with what's really important to me. 


What types of photography services do you offer for Reward and Recognition programs?

My photoshoots are of an intimate and personalized nature, it's a one-on-one experience that is tailored to the individual client's needs and desires. I meet with the client prior the shoot to discuss her ideas and aspirations. The photoshoot can be street photography, boudoir studio photoshoot, etc.

How can professional photography enhance our Reward and Recognition program?

Professional photography adds a special touch to your R&R program by providing highly personalized and memorable experience. I take care of providing a safe space for women to dedicate some quality time to themselves outside of their roles as managers, mothers, wives, etc.

Will photos be shared online?

No. I respect privacy and don't publish intimate or other photos unless agreed with the client. Also photos are only shared with the client directly and not with HR department.

How are the photography sessions planned and executed?

Depending on the nature of the agreement. I'm open to a discussion. My usual work capacity is up to 7 private photoshoots a day, and up to 3 such photo days a week.

"Thanks for excavation of me"

"It was magical both the process and the result 🙌🏻 thank you for your delicate and honest look at my reality, my world and my acceptance of all this ❤️ Thanks for excavation of me ❤️"

- Marina Kirova

What clients are saying

"Relaxation for the soul"

"The photo therapy you prepared for me was interesting and unique. Firstly, it was like a relaxation for the soul - with beautiful music and a relaxed atmosphere. Secondly, you were able to capture not only my mood, but also my feelings, and all of it is recorded in the photos, which by the way, I really like because they were taken by a talented person. Thank you 😊."

- Alona Kohan

"Photoshoot could be so easy"

"I never thought that a photoshoot could be so easy. We walked, talked and just enjoyed ourselves. Rita's energy is simply comforting. Every shot is created with ease and the result is just wow. Each one communicates me, my personality."

- Olga Galik

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