Treatment methods:

Therapeutic dialog. The main treatment method used is psychotherapy. It is a therapy based on regular consultations that helps to overcome various difficulties.

By creating a cooperative, open and supportive relationship with the client, I help to better understand their feelings, accept them, recognize pain and eventually discover ways to reduce this pain.

Humanistic and existential paradigms also prioritizes the present moment and the individual's personal responsibility for their choices and actions, rather than dwelling on past experiences or external factors.

Topics I work with:

Adaptation, emigration, relationships, choices, crisis, anxiety, depression, bereavement, meaning and purpose in life, etc.

I don't work with: children, couples, addictions or mental disorders (schizophrenia, dissociative disorder, etc.).

Work principles:

CONFIDENTIALITY - Everything a client shares stays between the two of us.

RESPECT AND ACCEPTANCE - All emotions, feelings and experiences can be here.

HOPE AND POSITIVE EXPECTATION - I have a strong belief in positive outcome even in smilingly ‘impossible’ circumstances and that client pursues challenging yet achievable goals.

Let's get to know each other!

I'm a psychologist-consultant and existential psychotherapist in education. Also I'm an analogue photographer working exclusively with women and their psychological strives and struggles. Developing my own approach in phototherapy.

Into therapy I came from years in HR

Studying phototherapy from Judy Weiser

I'm a member of European Association of existential psychology

I'm getting my masters degree in psychology in university of ... of Spain

I'm volunteering in psychological hot line for war victims.

I'm a psychologist-consultant and an existential psychotherapist. I'm a member of European Association of existential psychology and so follow the code of ethics.

Also I'm an analogue photographer working exclusively with women and their psychological strives and struggles. I've developed my own approach in phototherapy to work with trauma, self-esteem, and more.


  • with corporate sector, where my photography service is a part of a Recognition program to acknowledge and value women in the workplace;

  • with fellow psychotherapists in cases they see client would benefit from an experience of being photographed (working with trust, self-worth, etc.);

  • with psychotherapy colleagues, we organize events and retreats focused on self-discovery, and, in a caring environment.

I am a psychologist-consultant and a therapist in education in the humanistic and existential paradigm. I practice short-term consultations and long-term psychotherapeutic counseling. I regularly participate in personal and group therapy and supervisory sessions with a senior colleague to improve my skills and competency.

I understand that seeking therapy can be a vulnerable and courageous step. I am honored to walk alongside you on this journey towards greater connection, self-awareness, and fulfillment.


Quality, not quantity

We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.

About me

Hey there

Hey there!My name is Rita, I am not a regular photographer 🙂 Photography for me is a combination of several interests: psychology, my search for deeper meaning and the visual artist in me. Capturing a moment and its potential depths has always amazed me. I have been drawing since childhood and have always wanted to photograph. However, for a long time I could not answer the question: photograph for what?

In spring 2020 after seeing the first picture from my first full photo shoot, I burst into tears. It was a catharsis. The answer was staring back at me – to photograph because it’s therapeutic, because photography can heal. It was a revelation, I suddenly arrived where I always wanted to be, after years of wander in darkness.

This experience also shapes how I look at my work and trust has everything to do with it. There is a mutual trust between I and myself for choices I make, between I and universe that guides and helps along the way, and between I and client who trusts herself and me. When there is trust, there is ease.

The fact that I use film only helps to give in to the moment and listen to yourself instead of looking for validation from outside, i.e. checking how picture turned out.Currently, I study psychology in The Institute of Humanistic and Existential Psychology and in Online Institute of Practical Psychology. I want to understand human psyche and contribute to women’s wellbeing. And I believe that photography is a very powerful medium to achieve it.

As someone who is originally from Ukraine, working with migrants and refugees is an area that is particularly close to my heart. Having lived in foreign cultures, including India, Colombia, and now Lithuania, I have experienced firsthand the challenges of adapting to new environments and cultures.

What I do

My photoshoot is about deeper meaning and value that photos and experience being photographed can shine a light on.

Photoshoot preparation includes a discussion to to bring forward inner motives, what’s hidden behind the desire to embark on such an intimate journey, why it’s important, followed by expectation-setting and ways I can be most helpful. It’s called formulating a request. It’s unique for everyone. For instance: client: “I feel insecure and often hesitate to express myself. I want to feel confident and integral.”

Knowledge not lived through is just a rumor

My photo session is a little life we live together. It is time and space to express unfamiliar, unaccepted or oppressed parts of yourself. It is freedom to explore perceptions, belief systems and different dimensions of yourself.

Individual psychotherapy

I’m a psychologist in study. I practice in humanistic and existential paradigm. I do short term crisis consultations and long term therapy work. As part of my education I regularly have personal therapy and supervisory sessions with a senior colleague to improve my skills and competency. With that being said, there are some requests that I don't work with. Yes. Each psychologist has his own specialization, just like a doctor. I don't work with: addictions (alcohol, drug, chemical, porn addiction, etc.), psychology of children, adolescents and the elderly and mental disorders (schizophrenia, dissociative disorder, etc.).

Individual psychotherapy

I’m a psychologist in study. I practice in humanistic and existential paradigm. I do short term crisis consultations and long term therapy work. As part of my education I regularly have personal therapy and supervisory sessions with a senior colleague to improve my skills and competency. With that being said, there are some requests that I don't work with. Yes. Each psychologist has his own specialization, just like a doctor. I don't work with: addictions (alcohol, drug, chemical, porn addiction, etc.), psychology of children, adolescents and the elderly and mental disorders (schizophrenia, dissociative disorder, etc.).

which means that I focus on the subjective experience of the individual and the importance of personal meaning and purpose in life.

It's important to say that I don't photograph my therapy clients and don't work with photography clients in therapy, I don't find it ethical. as both activities involve a certain level of openness and intimacy.

Photo projects

  • "Fullness" - It's a therapeutic photo project for women to represent visually thoughts about their body. Visualize healthy and toxic patterns. Later this could be worked through in therapy with a professional guidance to bring peace and greater acceptance of oneself.
    If you want to explore yourself just drop me a message. The process: Pre-shooting meeting (50 min). Body centric therapeutic photo session (1 h). Full set of unedited film photos (15-40 pictures). 1h of studio rent included.

    By participating in this project, you grant the photographer exclusive display rights for the photos produced during the project, including the right to exhibit and display the photos publicly. However, the participants will retain ownership of their photos and can use them for personal, non-commercial purposes.

  • "the same" - The search for uniqueness and the desire to belong may seem like opposing forces, but in reality, they coexist and create a beautiful harmony. When one wants "the same [photo]" they end up with unique, result is the beauty of a kaleidoscope.

I'm open to new connections, ideas and collaborations. Drop me a DM or email at

I see photography as a deeply underestimated and often misused field. I see photos as metaphors and photo session as a "little life". It's about being in a safe space, experiencing yourself and capturing the moments that serve as powerful reminders of one's journey of self-discovery, towards [insert your own goal here].

Is psychotherapy helpful?

Psychotherapy is a research-proven method of treating emotional and mental illnesses (Cambridge University Press, 2018). Surveys of people attending psychotherapy show that this method helps to implement changes in the perception of oneself and the struggle, to make sense of the experience, and to understand relationships (Mental health statistics).

There is no one "best" therapy. Different people benefit from different therapeutic understandings and methods at different points in time.

How to choose a specialist?

Choosing the right therapist is crucial for effective therapy, and I understand that each client's needs and preferences are unique. I believe that therapy is a collaborative process, and building a strong connection and relationship with your therapist is key to achieving your goals.

It's important to me that my clients feel heard, understood, and respected. If at any point you feel like I am not the right fit or you would like to explore other options, I fully support and encourage you to do what is best for you.


  • I consult adults (from 18 years old), in English, Ukrainian, Russian. I work with people of all gender identities and sexual orientations.

  • The duration of the consultation is 50 minutes. We meet online.

  • The price of one session is €30. Before starting we meet for 20 min call free of charge.

  • I take care of the quality of my work by constantly supervising my work with an existential supervisor, in personal and group therapy sessions.


I care about people's strive towards an authentic and fulfilled life, whatever that might mean. Meaningful experiences and relationships I feel is one of the ways towards it.


Freedom. Meaning. Community. These umbrella-terms, often, but not always, help me to make sense of things and get aligned with what's important to me.


Don't have one. But let's leave it here, maybe one day I'll have an insight.

Let's get to know each other!

I'm a psychologist-consultant and existential psychotherapist in education. I take into therapy all sort of cases, but especially close to my heart are:

  • Foreigners who deal with loneliness, absent support-network, struggle to maintain strong relationships/friendships and/or build interracial family. Having lived in foreign cultures for years, including India, Colombia, Lithuania, I have experienced firsthand the challenges of being an expat.

  • Young adults who're going through a period of uncertainty, feeling confuses, soul-searching; who might aspire to change the world, but face personal limitations and so trying to understand themselves better.

  • War refugees who're trying to overcome traumatic experiences, going through bereavement, family separation, dealing with survivor's guilt, and other heavy feelings. As a Ukrainian it's important for me to contribute to the psychological wellbeing of my fellow countrymen and women.

I'm also an analogue photographer working exclusively with women and their struggles and strives through therapeutic photo sessions.

Photos as metaphors

How I combine photography & psychology

I believe that photography when done in a therapeutic setting can be a powerful transformative and meaningful experience.

Photography can be brought into therapy as a powerful experience when client is exploring topics of self-esteem, sexuality, self acceptance, trust, vulnerability, etc.

I may also recommend therapy to clients who have had experiences during or after a photoshoot that have brought up difficult emotions or issues that they may need to work through. In such cases, therapy can help clients process these experiences and explore any underlying thoughts or feelings that may have been triggered.

What does therapeutic photo session work with?

"Custom" - it's a therapeutic photo session with topic of your choice in mind. It can be sexuality, aging, self acceptance, self esteem, trauma, intimacy, identity, etc. Request can sound something like: "I want to love myself more", "How to accept myself with ...", "I seem to lose touch with myself", etc.

"Fullness" - it's a therapeutic photo session to visually represent thoughts about your body. Visualize healthy and toxic patterns. I photograph each part of the body that woman has strong emotions towards: "I love in me ..." & "I wish you didn't see in me ...". At the phototherapy session afterwards we engage in gentle re-examination of visual map of the body and the experience.

What is therapeutic photoshoot?

Therapeutic can be called something if it enhances insight into yourself, promotes the awareness and moves you forward. In my case there are several things that facilitate my photo sessions to be therapeutic: goal setting, focus on self-exploration, not seeing photos, not editing photos and silence.

I work only with women. I have no crew to allow more privacy. The set is about trust, presence - "what's going on right now?", and choices "what do I want right now?" - women know it's a tough one to actually allow ourselves. The location, clothes and props are secondary and not that important.

What is phototherapy?

Phototherapy is a psychological consultation with the use of photos. Its objective is to explore feelings, especially the difficult ones, discuss the experience of being photographed and insights. Photos are used as metaphors and the experience as a "little life". Read phototherapy case study.

"I wish that my clients would take this experience into their therapy and, with professional guidance, will reach peace and greater acceptance of themselves."

Photos with meaning. No editing. On film.


Before each photoshoot there is an online meeting where we get comfortable with each other, clarify goals and expectations.

*Booking fee is 50% from the price and acts as a non-refundable deposit to keep your space in the calendar. The rest of the amount can be paid on the day of the photoshoot.

**The studio fee is paid separately by the client and is not included in the photoshoot price, unless it's mentioned otherwise. Studio price is about 60 euros, for 2 hours.

Therapeutic photo session "Custom"

TOPIC: you choose. What's important for you right now?


Step 1: Pre-shooting meeting (50 min)

Step 2: Therapeutic photo session (2 h)

Full set of unedited film photos (25-60 pictures)

5 printed photos (15×10 cm)

Therapeutic photo session "Fullness"

TOPIC: relationship to your body & body image


Step 1: Pre-shooting meeting (50 min)

Step 2: Body centric therapeutic photo session (1 h)

Step 3: Phototherapy session (50 min)

Full set of unedited film photos (15-40 pictures)

Gift for someone special

TOPIC: you choose. What's important for you right now?


Gift certificate in a pretty box

Step 1: Pre-shooting meeting (50 min)

Step 2: Therapeutic photo session (2 h)

Step 3: Phototherapy session (50 min)

Full set of unedited film photos (25-60 pictures)

10 printed photos (15×10 cm)

1 big printed photo (30×40 cm)

2h of studio rent included

Step 3 (optional): Phototherapy session (50 min) + €40


Will I have a makeup artist or stylist on set during the photoshoot?

My shoots are of an intimate and personalized nature, it's a one-on-one experience that is tailored to the individual client's needs and desires. I don't invite guests or other artists on set. During the shoot, my focus is on capturing the true essence of my clients, so I work closely with them to choose clothing and props that have special meaning to them, it's not about style or fashion. If clients prefer to have professional hair and makeup, they are welcome to arrange it independently before the shoot.

What’s the difference between your therapeutic photoshoot and a regular photo session?

Regular photo session is typically more focused on the external appearance and creating visually appealing images. Therapeutic photoshoot, on the other hand, is more of a collaborative and personalized experience, where the focus is on creating a safe and supportive space for self-expression and self-discovery through photography. I use my background in psychotherapy to incorporate some of its principles into a photo session: purpose or a goal setting, acceptance, listening, open-ended questions, silence.

How do I pay for the photoshoot?

Booking fee is 50% of the price and acts as a non-refundable deposit to secure your space in the calendar. The remaining amount can be paid on the day of the photoshoot via bank transfer (SEB, PrivatBank, Mono Bank), PayPal, Payoneer, or cash. For what's included and not included in the price, please check the pricing packages above.

The studio fee is paid separately by the client and is not included in the photoshoot price, unless it's mentioned otherwise.

What can I expect from a phototherapy session with you?

It’s a 50 min long online session, using Google hangouts, or Skype. During which I support your reflection on this vulnerable experience of being photographed, on thoughts and emotions. This process can lead to increased self awareness, self-confidence and increased trust in yourself.

Please take care of preparing a private, quiet place for yourself. And ensure that you’re uninterrupted for the duration of the meeting.

How long does it take to receive my photos?

Your photos will be ready within a week. They are suitable for use on social media, websites, and print. The standard resolution is 2075 x 3130 JPEG. Once your photos are ready, I will send you a link to a private online gallery where you can download your photos. Usually, you need to download them within 2 weeks' time, after which they will be deleted. I keep physical films and digital scans for a 2-year period. Feel free to approach me in case you lose your files.

How can your photoshoots help me feel confident and beautiful?

While there are no guarantees, many of my clients report feeling empowered and confident in their own skin after our photoshoots. Coming face-to-face with oneself can be emotional and challenging at times, and it may stir up tears or difficult emotions such as anger, regret, or blame. However, with personal reflection and a curiosity to explore and understand oneself better, the process can be rewarding.

In fact, I've found that by treating the experience as a self-discovery journey, beautiful photos tend to naturally follow as a byproduct. 🙂

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel more than 24 hours before the photoshoot, there is no charge. If you cancel within 24 hours, there will be a studio fee for the booked time. The 50% deposit is non-refundable, but you have 3 months to schedule and complete the photoshoot. If you need to reschedule after the 3-month period, it will be treated as a new booking and another 50% deposit will be required. Simply book an available time in the calendar.

What is phototherapy?

Phototherapy is a more formalized form of therapy that uses photography as a tool for healing and self-exploration. It involves a trained therapist guiding the process, and typically involves exploring deeper psychological issues and emotions.
The goal of phototherapy is to promote self-awareness, personal growth, and self-acceptance.

Quality, not quantity

La Loba Hub

Community for the authentic

We're a group of untamed women. Together with Tiana Kovaleva, psychologist and yoga teacher, we organize gatherings and retreats focused on earthing, womanhood and self-discovery in a caring environment.

Activities: yoga, boudoir photoshoot, group therapy activities, phototherapy, ecstatic dance, nature walks and more.

Location: Lithuania, Turkey, Italy, Georgia, India.

Group size: 10 | Duration: 2-5 days | Price: from €250-500


What to do when the session has to be cancelled?

If it happens that you can no longer come to the first consultation, you must contact me at least 24h before the visit and cancel or reschedule it. If the session is canceled less than 24h before the visit counts as such that happened and client is billed for it.

If client wishes to stop therapy, it's usually discussed prior and some time is given to conclude the work. I respect client's desire to pause or leave therapy at any moment.

What to expect during your first visit?

During the first visit, you will get to know the specialist, you will find out how the consultations take place, and what you can expect from them. In addition, you will briefly tell about your difficulties, express your wishes and expectations to the specialist. Questions that will be addressed during the psychotherapy process will also be discussed, the desired frequency, regularity, and price of consultations will be clarified. If possible, the preliminary duration of the therapeutic process is estimated. It is important not to be afraid to talk openly with a specialist about your wishes, goals and expectations, so that he can assess his competences and predict whether he will be able to help himself in this matter, or whether it would be more appropriate to recommend another specialist. This can reduce the likelihood of later disappointment and help build a more cordial relationship with the practitioner. In addition to being open and collaborative,

How long is the first consultation? Where do we meet?

The duration of the first consultation as well as therapy session is 50 minutes. Meeting is carried out remotely via Skype, Google Hangouts or Facebook video call.

When should you seek help?

  • There are changes in life that cause complex feelings (fear, anger, guilt, heartache, anxiety).

  • Challenges arise when communicating, working, studying, everyday life is disrupted.

  • Previously effective ways to solve difficulties have become ineffective.

  • You wonder if therapy can help.

  • Lately, you feel hopeless, you often get the feeling that " everything is not nice anymore " , thoughts of suicide arise.

  • You aim to get to know yourself better, " dig " into your inner world, engage in more productive self-reflection.

  • You want to strengthen yourself emotionally, become psychologically stronger, more stable.

How do I pay for the individual psychotherapy?

Pay via Bank transfer (SEB Bank: LT157044090103237654 Marharyta Pakhlova, Privat Bank), or PayPal.

Payment methods and ways are flexible, depend on how more comfortable for the client: paying upfront, as you go or in the end of each month.

What's the cost of an individual psychotherapy?

Whether it's a first consultation or an ongoing therapy the price for one session is the same, 40 euros. Session lasts 50 min. There are no minimum or maximum amount of meetings. However the recommended duration to start seeing at least some results is 20 sessions, once a week during 5-6 months of continuous work. The problem that clients are trying to solve didn't appear in one night, so it's natural that desired change will take time. Personal motivation and regularity of meetings helps with the progress.

How many consultations do I need?

There is no unequivocal answer to this question, because the request and the characteristics of the psyche of each client are individual. One client comes for a consultation as soon as he begins to feel discomfort from the current situation, and the second suffers for years and has already caused himself a lot of harm. It is logical that more time will be needed in the second case.

If I have already worked with another psychologist and it did not help me, does it make sense to come with the same request?

Yes. Each specialist uses his own tool for work. Perhaps you simply did not fit the applied method or the personality of the psychologist. Look for what works for you.

Is a live meeting more effective than online?

No. The format does not affect performance. It's just that someone is more comfortable with live communication.

I am afraid to go to a psychologist, because when I talk about my problem, he will think badly of me.

No. The psychologist does not condemn, but looks for your personal motives and the reasons why you are in this situation in order to work them out. You do not cancel a visit to the dentist because he will condemn for caries in the tooth?

Maybe I'd better talk to a friend to make it easier?

Why this is a bad idea:

  • Girlfriend does not guarantee your privacy. You share personal information that could make you vulnerable to others. What happens if a girlfriend shares it with someone?

  • Girlfriend doesn't know how to solve your problem. You will experience relief from speaking, but the situation will not change. After a while, you will again encounter the same unpleasant feelings.

  • A friend will give advice that may not be suitable for you. Who will you blame next?

Book your next session

If you're a therapist or psychologist who sees therapeutic impact of photography and would like to share insights or participate in photo session, drop me a DM or email at, I'm open to new collaborations :)


"Rita wisely, acceptedly, like a loving parent and an artist-observer, captures everything on her magic films and then conducts a therapeutic analysis of the photo session with you, which is also very interesting! 100500 level of delicacy and empathy."

- Arina Kukh

"Hurrying today with the children, I could not tell you how fascinated I am! The morning route passed through an alley with densely flowering chestnut trees. The trees greeted me so solemnly, just like a queen! I’m yet to know myself in this role." 😌

- Yulia Boychenko

"This is the case when you have only one MOMENT, one shot, one move, one pose and the decision to BE YOURSELF. There are no other options."

- Julia Green

"This is a declaration of love! I love this photoshoot! I am delighted with the photographer 😍! During the two day photo session, we had a complete dissolution in the process💫. Trust between two people who accept each other is priceless!!!"

- Tiana Kovaleva

"I have learned many lessons from this experience, about self-acceptance, taming of my inner critic, acceptance of one's femininity and beauty. I saw many moments where I need to work on myself and on my perception of reality."

- Anastasia Baranchuk

"It was magical both the process and the result 🙌🏻 thank you for your delicate and honest look at my reality, my world and my acceptance of all this ❤️

Thanks for excavation of me ❤️"

- Marina Kirova

"The resistance [to photoshoot] was strong. I just understood that after it, can not be the same."

- Nina

"Rita, you expose souls. It’s an honor for me to discover a new dimension of myself through your lens!"

- Julia Green

"Before at the photoshoot I was told: the left side is your working one, and it’s better not to turn right.

You somehow calmly and confidently said that I was beautiful, no matter how I stand, that on the contrary I have a beautiful smile. You managed to convince me and I fell in love with myself even more, thank you."

- Tatiana Starova

"Rita asked me to just enjoy the process, to do as I feel, and this is the ideal version of the photographer. And all this is finally visible in the photographs: atmosphere, feelings, light and color!"

- Arina Kukh

Crisis consultations for Ukrainian refugees

This is a scheduled 1h online consultation or series of supportive meetings, up to 5. Please schedule an appointment here: Запис на консультацію (UKR/RUS). Free of charge.

How do I pay for the individual psychotherapy?

No payments upfront only after the session. I take payments in the end of the month via Bank transfer (SEB, Privat Bank, Mono Bank), PayPal, Payoneer or cash at our last session of the month.

Individual psychotherapy

I’m a psychology student and as part of education I take clients into my private practice. If I see the request client comes with requires more experience, I gladly refer them to another professional. Book a consultation (ENG) / Запись на консультацию (UKR/RUS)

Get in touch

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